Bring your old iOS
devices back to life

Turn your iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch
into a home security system! Get instant notifications
when the motion is detected. It’s smart, easy and free.

Motion detection and reporting the event

Get instant alerts when your camera device detects any movement

Voice Messages - walkie talkie

Send the voice message to communicate with people and pets

iCloud storage

Detections are saved on your iCloud storage ​

Preferred area setting

Precisely aim at the area you want to keep secure

Live Stream

Watch the live view from the camera on your mobile phone​

Easy setup

To use Jerry you only need an iCloud account​

How it works


Use your old phone or tablet with iOS and install Jerry on it. You can use as many devices as you want!


No login is required. Just open Jerry and decide which device will be used as a camera, and which as a display unit.


Place the camera in the best spot, so you can view the area you want to be secured.

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Use Cases

Baby Monitor

Be sure that your child is safe

Elderly monitor

Don't worry any more about elderly people left alone in the house

Catch up funny moments

Record funny moments of your family and share it with others

Security Camera

Keep an eye on your home when you're away

Pet monitor

Watch your pet all the time and talk to it whenever you want


Works on any device! 
View the area with your phone or your tablet and get the notification on iPad, iPhone and even Apple Watch when the motion is detected.


We at Jerry truly believe there’s always a way to make life easier.
Our mission is to increase your safety in the easiest and cheapest way.
The Jerry team uses cutting-edge software technologies, so you can take care of 
your loved possessions. Our team works with a lot of enthusiasm to get things done 
in the best possible way. Have a better and secure future by using Jerry.

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